Head Teacher’s Award

Well done to Layla in 3HG for her improved maths work. She is working with determination and we are really proud of her achievements!

Well done to Nathaniel in 3DW for working so hard on his fluency in his reading and his wonderful work in maths!

Head teacher’s Award

Well done to Harvey, Lewis W and Riley for their achievement of head teacher’s award this week!

Congrats to Lewis W for his improved behaviour and work ethic, we are all so proud 🙂

Well done Harvey for working so hard on his times tables, as can be seen on his TT rockstars account!

Congrats Riley! He has shown great resilience and has made great improvements in his handwriting!

Head Teacher’s Award

Well done to Sara and Gene who both received Head Teacher award this week!

Sara has been working so hard on her phonics, improving her reading and spelling. We are very proud of how she has settled into life at Coundon Primary!

Gene has been working so hard in all lessons! He has a very cheery attitude, making staff members smile each day! Well done.

Head Teacher’s Award

Congratulations Lewis S in 3HG for your head teacher’s award this week. We were very impressed with your enthusiasm and passion for singing and performing this week.

Well done to Sarah in 3DW for your head teacher’s award this week. You have shown real kindness and have worked hard in all lessons this week!

Head Teacher’s Award

Well done to Nicolas in 3HG for the HUGE improvement in his handwriting! Nicolas has beautiful, joined up handwriting in every subject across the curriculum!

Congratulations Florence in 3DW for her creative and imaginative work during Science week.

Head Teacher’s Award

A huge congratulations to Rares in 3HG for his excellent homework. He created a detailed storyboard. Well done! 🙂

Well done to Finley in 3DW for being a kind and caring friend and showing empathy towards his peers.

Coventry Cathedral Trip

On Thursday 3rd February 2022, Year 3 went to Coventry Cathedral! We learnt all about the Blitz, the history of the two Cathedrals and what school was like during the Blitz. We had a great time and learnt loads!

Here are some photos from the day!