Thank you and Well done Year 6 Business Enterprise Members

Mrs Maude would like to say a huge well done to all the Year 6 pupils who have helped over the last 3 years run the school stationery business. This business was completely set up and managed by the Year 6’s under the guidance of Mrs Maude and at the end of the Summer the accounts displayed a profit of £2000. This money has been reinvested back into the school with the Year 6’s kindly donating 2 Water walls and pumps which are now operational in Nursery and Reception. A Mud Kitchen which Reception are using to create their culinary delights! Plus £250 worth of picture books and a storage cabinet for our school library. This is an amazing achievement from our Business entrepreneurs and Mrs Maude is looking forward to working with the new team. Please support the students by purchasing your stationery from them on a Monday after school, on the playground.

We have set up our own business enterprise project where the children are taught business, enterprise and thinking skills by running their own stationery business. The project started three years ago and is extremely popular amongst the year 6’s who run it, and the consumers throughout the school who look forward to buying new items for their pencil cases.

The project was developed to encourage pupils to:

•Turn their skills and talents into money making ideas and understand the concept of trade and business

•Identify when the risk is too high, developing calculated risks

•Understand the phrase ‘Target Market’ and the needs of it, and how to adapt products to meet those needs

•Understand their competition and their strengths and weaknesses, listening to their customers and getting better than their competitors

•Understand supply and demand, and the ability to negotiate and compromise

•Understand buying low selling high and the hidden costs before making a profit

•Understand the key elements of running a business and how decisions impact it with the involvement of borrow and payback

•Financial Book Keeping

The Year 6’s alongside Mrs Maude, trade after school on a Monday evening. Come and say hello and have a look at the stationery available.

Please note that due to the current circumstances, the Business Enterprise Group will to be operating until further notice.