Important Information

Please read Returning to School in September 2021 letter for Parents. Click here

Please read School Priorities Sept 2021 Letter for Parents. Click here

Please read letter sent by the Coventry LEA regarding COVID-19. Click here

Top tips in creating a healthy home learning environment. Please click here

Nursery places for September 2021. Please read this. Click here

Important: Please read LA COVID-19 letter to parents. Click here

Winter Grant Scheme: The winter grant scheme is available to support families and individuals with access to food, energy, water bills and other essential items.  Click here for more information

How to set up parental controls on a device. Please read this booklet. Click here.

Please read: Primary Consultation 2022 Admissions Policy. Click here

Information for Parents who are concerned about pork gelatine in the nasal flu vaccine. Please read thisleaflet

Important please read: Reduction to 2 form entry letter. Click here

Latest Coventry Council Guidance on COVID November 2020.  Please read letter here

New Times After October Half Term.  Please read letter here.

Reporting Test & Isolation Over Half Term Holidays. Please read letter here.