PE at Coundon… a few changes!

From September and in line with Government Guidance, we will be getting outside a lot more (in all sorts of weather conditions), this will include our PE lessons.

We will be asking the children to come into school on their PE days IN THEIR PE UNIFORM. (They will find out their PE days during the first week back). They will then stay in this for the day, so a change of clothes will not be needed in school. The main reason for this change is for safety reasons; it has been advised that we reduce the amount of belongings that are coming to and from each home and onto the school site.

For the older children, this change also comes about as there will be reduced space for them to change separately (boys and girls) due to them being in their class bubbles.

To make sure that the children are suitably dressed once the cooler weather sets in, we would like the children to have black jogging bottoms, a black hoody or sweatshirt and suitable outdoor footwear to wear alongside their usual white t-shirt and black shorts.

We thank you for your support with this.

Miss Kelly Perrett and Mrs Victoria Gray

Start of the Autumn Term: Wednesday 2nd September 2020

A massive hello to our new Year 2’s! We hope that you are all safe and well and enjoying the final days of the summer break? The Year 2 Team are really looking forward to welcoming you all back into school on Wednesday 2nd September and hearing all your news. From September, how you arrive and leave school will be a little different and each class will come and leave the school at different times. You will be expected to meet your class teacher at the Southbank Road entrance. Please see below for times.

2AD Arrive Southbank entrance : 8:30 a.m Home time Southbank entrance : 3:00 p.m

2AS Arrive Southbank entrance : 8:40 a.m Home time Southbank entrance : 3:10 p.m

Please note that on days when you will have P.E., you will need to come to school dressed in your P.E. kit for the day. We will inform you of the days on which you have P.E., once you have returned to school.

Also, please note: You are allowed to bring coats and bags.

Lunches: Please remember to bring your lunches in a disposable bag if possible. However lunch boxes can be brought into school, provided that they are taken home at the end of the day and cleaned.

See you all on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 🙂

A huge welcome to all of the children moving up to Year 2. What an exciting event! You are literally turning the corner and moving into a new corridor where many of the older children work! This shows you are growing up! I hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are!

Some of you have been in school in Year 1 bubbles and some of you have stayed at home. You might feel a little scared but that is ok because other children and even some of the grown ups feel a little scared too! We are all going to help each other get used to being back at school and I am sure we will all have lots of fun!

Underneath you will find a ‘Welcome Message’ from the Year 2 Staff. Look for the name of your teacher and then you will be able to remind yourself of what they look like! We look forward to meeting you all soon.

To All Our Amazing Superstars in Year 2!

To all of the pupils in Year 2 we want to say a huge Thank You! All the adults in your classes have loved teaching you and having you in our classes and we have really missed each one of you during lock-down. We are so sad that we have not been able to see you back in school again but we have LOVED seeing photos of your work that you have sent us. We have also enjoyed seeing and hearing about the new skills you have learnt and the fun that you have had with your families! You have been so wonderful and have adapted to the new challenges of having school at home. WELL DONE!

To Parents, we would all like to say a HUGE thank you! What a remarkable few months this has been! It would have been pointless planning work and putting it on the Year 2 blog if you hadn’t been there to read it, print it and help your children understand it! You have all been remarkable teachers! Many of you have taken the opportunity to help your children with their work and have recognised their strengths and weaknesses and helped your children blossom! Thank you for keeping in touch via email and being cheerful and upbeat on the phone. We have loved getting to know you all!

Year 3 Teachers are in for a treat! We have told them what a fantastic group of children they are getting. Do not worry about returning to school because we will be starting the year getting to know each other again and having lots of fun together.

Stay Safe! Enjoy the holiday and have a well deserved rest. I hope the sun continues to shine and we look forward to seeing you in school in September!

The Rainbow Games WB 13.7.20

Get Set 4 PE have organised a set of fun activities for schools to use as part of a Sports Day.

Those of you at home can take part too! Either do them all in a day or spread them out over the week.

Record your scores on the score sheet and email your results to your teacher.

The activities are differentiated for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

If you’re at home and want your grown ups to take part too, then they should complete the activities that are aimed at KS2.

There are 7 games to complete, all of which can be found in the PowerPoint below.

Have fun!