English Tuesday 26th April 2022

Please find below a copy of the links needed for research for Tuesday’s English lesson and a copy of the PPT for the texts.




https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/kids-club/cool-kids/general-kids-club/plastic-pollution/  (you only need to look at this part of the website)








Head Teacher’s Award 1/3/22

Well done to Kailyn in 4AT, for always being caring and helpful.

Well done to Baqar in 4PP, for fantastic working attitude and progress in Maths.

Well done to Grace G in 4GW, for super knowledge and enthusiasm when learning about the effects of humans on animals and the environment.

Head Teachers Award!

Well Done to the 3 children who received the Head Teachers Award this week, we are extremely proud of you allKeep up the excellent work!

Well Done to Poppy in 4GW for writing an excellent poem about a statue in the park. Super use of language and rhyme.

Well Done to Ava in 4AT for always trying her hardest in everything and for showing great empathy during DT day.

Well Done to Sabinaya in 4PP for her fantastic working attitude across all areas of the curriculum.

Head Teachers Award!

Well Done to the 3 children who have achieved the Head Teachers award this week. We are extremely proud of all of you. Keep up the excellent work!

Well Done to Ella-Anne E in 4GW for her super enthusiasm and participation during our Roman day with some super drama acting.

Well Done to Phoebe in 4AT for her improved confidence and attitude to learning, especially during Science week.

Well Done to Scarlett in 4PP for her overall effort and enthusiasm towards her learning.