Year 6 School Council Election

Year 6 School Council Election Results

In a special assembly today for Year 6, Mrs Maude announced the names of the children who will represent their class as part of the School Council. Congratulations and well done to those who were successful and all of those who participated.

Head Boy & Head Girl


Today Mrs Maude conducted a very special assembly (for the Year 6 children) to announce who would be this year’s Head Boy and Head Girl. Over the course of the past two weeks, we have heard so many amazing speeches from the children – it was certainly a difficult choice! A massive well done to all those who participated. Please see below the names of the children and also a video clip of when their names were announced in the assembly.

Head BoyLevi
Head GirlScarlett
Deputy Head BoyJamie
Deputy Head BoyTristan
Deputy Head Girl Lucia
Deputy Head GirlBrooke

PE at Coundon… a few changes!

From September and in line with Government Guidance, we will be getting outside a lot more (in all sorts of weather conditions), this will include our PE lessons.

We will be asking the children to come into school on their PE days IN THEIR PE UNIFORM. (They will find out their PE days during the first week back). They will then stay in this for the day, so a change of clothes will not be needed in school. The main reason for this change is for safety reasons; it has been advised that we reduce the amount of belongings that are coming to and from each home and onto the school site.

For the older children, this change also comes about as there will be reduced space for them to change separately (boys and girls) due to them being in their class bubbles.

To make sure that the children are suitably dressed once the cooler weather sets in, we would like the children to have black jogging bottoms, a black hoody or sweatshirt and suitable outdoor footwear to wear alongside their usual white t-shirt and black shorts.

We thank you for your support with this.

Miss Kelly Perrett and Mrs Victoria Gray

Welcome To The New Term

Good day Year 6! Hope you are all well and making the most of the final days of the summer holidays? The Year 6 Team are really looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 2nd September and listening to all of your news. From September, how you arrive and leave school will be a little different and each class will come and leave the school at different times. You will be expected to meet your class teacher at the Forfield Road entrance. Please see below for times.

Class 6GMClass 6KPClass 6BB
Arrive at Forfield Road Entrance9:30am9:40am9:50am
Hometime Forfield Road Entrance4:00pm4.10pm4:20pm
Arrival and departure times

Also please note that on days when you will have P.E., you will need to come to school dressed in your P.E. kit for the day. We will inform you of the days in which you have P.E., once you have returned to school.

Please note: You are allowed to bring coats and bags.

Lunches: Please remember to bring your lunches in a disposable bag if possible. However lunch boxes can be brought into school, provided that they are taken home at the end of the day and cleaned.

See you all on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 🙂

Farewell & Good Luck Year 6

Well Year 6 of 2020, unfortunately it is a time to bid you farewell and wish each and every one of you good luck in your next step as you now move on to Secondary School. It certainly has been an eventful year but the Year 6 Team all wanted to leave a message for you and wish you well on your journey.

Mrs A-B

It has been a pleasure getting to know you all over your time at Coundon. I’m sorry we never got to do the fun bits after SAT’s but I will look forward to hearing all about your new adventures when you come back to see us at the reunion. Be happy, keep smiling and always remember you are fabulous just the way you are (unless you’re being naughty!!)

We will miss you but are very proud of you all! Mrs A-B

Mr Mahal

It certainly has been an eventful year but through it all, we have got to watch you grow as individuals and become the stars that you are. I have enjoyed every moment with you all in the classroom, participating in the trips/events and listening to your stories – you have certainly kept me entertained so thank you. Good luck in the next step of your journey. It would be great to see how you are all doing and we look forward to seeing you all together at the reunion.

Keep smiling, keep positive 🙂 Mr Mahal

Mrs Goode

Year 6 what a fantastic time we had in the short few months we were together.  I have enjoyed it all.  Our cold trip to the Magna centre, the Greek museum and the random conversations we all had with Mrs A-B which sparked so much discussion and debate. I wish you all well on your next adventure.  Your senior schools are lucky to have you joining them.  Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and shine like the stars that you are.

Take care see you all soon, Mrs Goode. 

Mrs Howat

I would like to wish Year 6 a very happy and successful future as you start your new adventure.

I’ve loved working with you and getting to know you.  You never fail to make me smile.

Stay safe and I can’t wait to hear your news when we can finally all meet at the reunion.

Mrs Howat x

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome all to Year 6. I know this must be quite a nervous time of year as you have probably just found out who will be your new class teacher from September. There will be some changes in Year 6 and you will also notice that there are new teachers and teaching assistants too! So I guess we are all feeling slightly nervous but extremely excited too. Below you will find some information on the Year 6 staff and if you have any questions please send us an email (see below). More importantly, make sure you all have a WONDERFUL summer break and we cannot wait to see you in September. Take care and see you soon.

Class 6BB

Mr Bramhill

Welcome to 6BB

My name is Mr Bramhill and I’m going to be joining you in September. I’m so excited to start teaching you! From talking to Miss Perrett and Mr Mahal, I can already see what an amazing year we are going to have together. I imagine it’s probably going to feel quite strange for you, not having met me yet, but don’t worry- I feel a bit nervous too. This is perfectly normal. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself so that you have some idea of who I am and what I enjoy doing.

My name is Mr Bramhill and I’m going to be joining you in September. I’m so excited to start teaching you! From talking to Miss Perrett and Mr Mahal, I can already see what an amazing year we are going to have together. I imagine it’s probably going to feel quite strange for you, not having met me yet, but don’t worry- I feel a bit nervous too. This is perfectly normal. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself so that you have some idea of who I am and what I enjoy doing.

I’ve been teaching for quite a long time now and teaching Year 6 is definitely my favourite year group. Everyone will have grown up over the summer and be ready to take on the responsibilities of being the top of the school. I have high expectations of your behaviour and work, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun. I believe that the key to success in Year 6 is a combination of hard work and lots of fun.

In my spare time, I really enjoy exercising, biking, skateboarding, football, going to the gym and reading. I also enjoy playing the piano when I’m not too busy with school work

As well as teaching you in Year 6, I’m going to be the Y5/6 Phase Leader and the Assistant Head Teacher for Key Stage 2, helping Mrs Maude and Mr Scott. I’m looking forward to my new role and will make sure that we have the best time possible.

I hope that you have all had an amazing break from school and are feeling really excited to come back in September. Although I’m feeling nervous, I know that we’re going to have an incredible year together as you start your final year at Coundon Primary.

I can’t wait to meet you all!

Mr Bramhill

Ms. Goode

Hello 6BB

Hi to all. Welcome to Year 6.  I can’t wait to get to know you all and work with you.  I have been in year 6 for a couple of years and most of you would have seen me around school. There will be lots of new and exciting things to learn and experience and I can’t wait to be there with you all along the way.

Class 6GM

Mr Mahal

Good Day 6GM!

Hello and welcome all to Class 6GM. As many of you may already know, my name is Mr Mahal and I have been at Coundon Primary since September 2014 –  quite a while now.  I have  heard many good things about you all from your previous Year 4 and 5 teachers and they hold you in such high regard. As well as that, I am really looking forward to working with you over the year and watching you flourish; whether it be academically, building your confidence or making those small positive steps towards your learning – it will be an amazing journey.

Mrs Howat

Hello 6GM

Hello, I hope you’re all safe and well and I can’t wait to meet you all in September.

I have worked in Year 6 with Mr Mahal for 2 years.  I have three grown up sons, no pets but looking to get a dog anytime soon.  I love listening to music and singing although, I’ve been told by my children I’m not very tuneful.  I like to bake and love to eat what I have made. My favourite treat is dark chocolate and I love the colour green.  My book recommendation would be Esio Trot by Roald Dahl.

Class 6KP

Miss Perrett

Miss Burgess

Mr Bramhill

Mr Mahal

Miss Perrett

The Rainbow Games WB 13.7.20

Get Set 4 PE have organised a set of fun activities for schools to use as part of a Sports Day.

Those of you at home can take part too! Either do them all in a day or spread them out over the week.

Record your scores on the score sheet and email your results to your teacher.

The activities are differentiated for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

If you’re at home and want your grown ups to take part too, then they should complete the activities that are aimed at KS2.

There are 7 games to complete, all of which can be found in the PowerPoint below.

Have fun!

Year 6 Home Learning 13.7.20

Congratulations Year 6 you’ve made it to your last week of Primary school!! This is not the way any of us wanted your last term with us to be but we hope you will still have fond memories of your time with us that don’t become all about the last few months. On Monday we would like you all to come onto Teams at 11.30am where we will hopefully be able to chat as a year group. Mr Scott has something to show you and tell you about that involves you all so please try to log on at that time. For the last week we have tried to come up with some more light-hearted activities and Mrs A-B has made an Escape room around transition for you to try – we hope you enjoy it! Remember you can always come back to see us and let us know how you are getting on and we will miss you all at Coundon Primary.

Mrs Auton-Budds

Mr Mahal

School Timetable

Year 6 School Times
Red groupBlue groupYellow group

Escape Room

You will need some paper to write down the code numbers as you go along and if you find it easier you can print off the quiz to do at the end. I hope you enjoy it!


As well as the escape room you could look at this lesson on the BBC Bitesize website which shows you some videos to illustrate the differences you could face moving from Primary to Secondary school.


In English this week you will have some activities to help you to think about leaving Coundon and moving on. If you would like to email any of your work to us to pass on to relevant people then that would be fine.

MondayLetter powerpointLetter to your favourite teacher
TuesdayFormal letter powerpointLetter to you new tutor
WednesdayAutobigraphy featuresAutobiography interview
ThursdayAutobigraphy featuresWriting your own autobigraphy plan
FridayWrite your own autobiography in books


For grammar you have a choice of clouds, moons or stars to create word class mosaics – crayons at the ready!



Be Amazing! by Chris Hoy

As a boy, Chris didn’t believe that he would achieve his dream of becoming an Olympic champion. However, he grew up to be a six-time gold medal winner. He shares everything he has learned on his journey to success and hopes that by telling his story, he will inspire young people to be the very best they can be.

Fiction Express

When new neighbours move into the house next door, twins Jazz and Mortimer can’t help being excited. The house has been empty for ages and they have been hoping to have neighbours with children their own age. But Jazz and Mortimer are disappointed to learn there are no children – just a man who goes by the name of Dr Salamander and his elderly housekeeper, Mrs Heckle. They are an odd couple and the children long to find out more about them. But the twins have another mystery to solve – why are the neighbourhood pets disappearing?

As well as the online work you could do a book review of your favourite book using Emojis!! Everything you need is included and just needs printing off.



All your maths this week is based around emojis in mojimaths!



What impact are humans likely to have on life in the future?

In this lesson you will learn about some of the impacts that humans have on life on this planet. You will look at pollution, global warming, hunting and deforestation. You will learn what happened to the dodo bird and about some amazing organisations that are working hard to ensure that other species do not become extinct.


Describe physical appearance in Spanish

In this lesson you will recap previous learning, then learn how to describe our hair and eye colour in Spanish. For this lesson you will need a pen and paper, as well as some colouring pencils!


Street art

Learn about the basics of street art, including some of the skills and techniques used so that you can have a go at creating your own masterpiece!


Get creative with the music of Florence Price

As an African-American woman, Florence Price combined the traditions of classical music with the sound of spirituals and West African rhythms and dance. Learn about pulse, rhythm and the character of music with Florence Price and the Juba Dance.

Year 6 Home Learning 6.07.2020

Hello Year 6 and welcome back to another week of learning. Once again Mrs A-B and I, have heard some impressive stories from Mr Scott, Miss Perrett and Mr Perkins on your hard work, positivity and enthusiasm at school (to those that have attended). Even though it may seem a little different, the staff are extremely impressed with how well you have adapted and your enthusiasm towards the learning – keep it up! We are certainly looking forward to reading some of your stories from English. Remember to listen carefully and keep yourself safe. We have also been impressed by those who have attended online learning through Teams. It truly is lovely to hear your stories, particularly Kale and his cat as well as providing support. Remember you can catch us online Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm as well as through email. Please remember to send in your amazing examples of work as we would like to showcase it on here. Have a great week everyone and remember to keep positive and smile 🙂

Mrs Auton-Budds

Mr Mahal

School Timetable

For those attending school during the week, please see the timetable below as a reminder. If you have been confirmed a place, the school will be open to the Year 6 pupils on Monday 6th July, Tuesday 7th July, Wednesday 8th July and Thursday 9th July. Please see below what time you will need to be at the South Bank road entrance.

Year 6 School Times
Red GroupBlue GroupYellow Group
School times


In English last week, the focus was on identifying the feature and then to write a narrative. The focus of this week will be to look more closely at how to write an explanation, using a range of causal conjunctions. Lessons will be taken from the Oaks National Academy website.

DayCoverage Link
MondayReading Focus: Summarise informationClickHere
TuesdayReading Focus: Summarise informationClick Here
WednesdayIdentify the features of an explanationClick Here
ThursdayPunctuation for parenthesisClick Here
FridayWrite an explanationClick Here
Writing focus for the week


For Grammar this week, have a go at the various challenges. Read through each question and write the answers down in your book. You do not need to do every single challenge but remember to try your best.

Grammar Challenge


Macbeth Retold by Marcia Williams

Marcia Williams is retelling Macbeth, a famous play by William Shakespeare. It  is the story of a man called Macbeth who meets three witches whilst returning from battle with his friend Banquo. The witches share some predictions about Macbeth’s future, including that he will one day become King of Scotland. Since Macbeth’s cousin (and boss) is King Duncan, Macbeth does not initially believe this. However, his wife, Lady Macbeth, is very ambitious and would love to be Queen. A dark plot unfolds…

Fiction Express

You might think that Gabe Gibson is just an ordinary boy, but he hides an extraordinary secret. With his homemade gadgets and super suit, Gabe wants to be a superhero! But will he ever succeed? You decide…

As well as the reading focus from the Oak National Academy lessons and BBC Bitesize, there are also some reading comprehension tasks that you could also do. Below you will find a text on Victorian Inventors such as Margaret E. Knight and George Washington Carver. Decide whether you would like to do Clouds, Moons or Stars. Read the text and then answer the questions in your exercise book. Answers have been provided so that you can check. Remember to read the questions carefully.



For spellings this week, read through each sentence and identify the word which has been spelt incorrectly and then correct it. Afterwards, look through the answer sheet and check to see if you have identified all the misspelt words correctly.

Identify Misspelt Words Task
Spelling ErrorsClick Here
Spelling Errors – AnswersClick Here


For Maths this week, the focus of your learning will be on area, perimeter and volume. Click on the links which will take you to the BBC Bitesize lessons. Watch the videos and have a go at the questions. Remember to use the opportunity to discuss any questions on Microsoft Teams so we can go through it together.

MondayCalculate the area of rectilinear shapesClick Here
TuesdayCalculate the area of trianglesClick Here
WednesdayCalculate the area of parallelogramsClick Here
ThursdayCalculate the volume of cuboidsClick here
FridayWeek 9 – Challenges for Year 6Click Here

Mental Arithmetic

Below find the arithmetic questions and answers for Test 7. Have a go at the questions and identify the areas that you may need further practise on. Remember that you can always talk with us on Microsoft Teams regarding any of the questions or even email us. Remember to write your answers in your exercise book.

Mental Arithmetic Test 7

Creative Curriculum

Viking Life

As part of your Creative Curriculum for this week, we would like you to research information on life during the Viking age. You can present the information in any format that you would like such as an information poster, PowerPoint, video, etc. Try to be as CREATIVE as possible. Below are some resources to help you.


Exciting Paintings

For art this week, we would like you to look at various famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Wassily Kandinsky and Jan van Eyck. Have a go at creating one of your own paintings using their unique technique and style.

Design & Technology

Scales of Production

Learn the basics of the different scales of production when manufacturing a product.



In Geography this week, we would like you to learn about the state of Florida in the USA including its location, climate and industries. Have a go at the quizzes and then create a Fact File on one of the animals found in Florida’s Everglades.


For PE this week, take a few minutes for relaxation and have a go at these Yoga exercises.



For this week as budding Scientists, we would like you to recap your knowledge and understanding on evolution. Who was Charles Darwin and why was he so important?


Family & Pets

In this lesson, you will recap all of your previous learning and then move onto talking about your family and pets in Spanish.