“The behaviour and safety of pupils is outstanding” (Ofsted May 2015)


Ofsted have reported that the behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils have very positive attitudes to learning, and express great enthusiasm for all aspects of their activities. Typically they describe school as ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’ and ‘phenomenal’. They name a large number of subjects where they enjoy their learning and talk enthusiastically about residential trips, rock-climbing, and experiments in science.

Pupils work harmoniously together in small and large groups, and more than fulfil the widely published school motto of, ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ (TEAM). They are very clear in understanding what is expected of them in their behaviour, including the need to be punctual, and are learning to be independent ‘so that we are ready for our next school.’

Their behaviour in lessons and all parts of the school is excellent. They move quietly around the large buildings and site. This includes a smaller playground following the new building, and a lengthy walk to the new canteen for lunch.

When all together in the hall their behaviour is exceptional. An example was seen during an assembly when over 400 pupils sat with rapt attention, and offered thoughtful comments to the headteacher about ‘What makes a good citizen?’

Pupils have excellent relationships with adults in the school. A feature of their behaviour is their courtesy to others, including visitors, and their willingness to offer help to others when they think it may be needed. The ‘Playground Pals’ are particularly good at this.

Pupils have no concerns about behaviour in the school. They report very isolated incidents over time, but are very happy and proud of their school community overall.

School Code of Conduct

To walk sensibly and quietly around school.

To look after our school and everything in it.

To be polite, honest and helpful.

Be kind and play safe games in the playground.

We are expected to wear school uniform.