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Easter Activities

Hello Everyone, This will be our last blog until after the Easter break. After all of your hard learning at home you all deserve a lovely Easter break, as do all the home schooling parents. Enjoy the Easter break as much as you possibly can. Play games together, watch some films, get out into your garden if you can and enjoy being together. We have put together some craft ideas to do if you want to over the break. You could also make up your own obstacle courses, make up your own song or dance and maybe even do your own Easter egg hunt in your home or garden. You could even try to draw a map and see if someone can follow it to find the egg!

After the Easter break we will be changing the way we do our home learning. Each week we will be uploading a Phonics PowerPoint for the different Phonics groups, a Maths PowerPoint and and another PowerPoint with a range of activities. These PowerPoints will give an activity to do each day and will be in line with the activities the children would have been doing in School (Remember a large majority of Reception children’s learning is done through their play and the interactions the adults have and the questions they ask). Activities should only last about 20-30 minutes so don’t feel the children have to be sat doing school work all day long. Each class will also have an email address that we would like you to upload one piece of work per week. Staff will then reply to that piece of work. Please do not send in a picture of every piece of work as we will only reply to one piece for each child each week. This way we hope to keep in touch and can see if you are managing to do some home learning. We will let you know the email address after the Easter break on this blog.

Have a wonderful Easter with your families. Remember the greatest thing you can do now is stay safe at home. You can go out for some exercise each day but try and stay close to home and away from Parks and other spaces where lots of people may go. We are very proud of you all and miss you very much. Stay safe and enjoy your Easter treats over the weekend.

We will see you all soon and remember to decorate a picture of an egg and pop it in your window so we can spot them on our daily walk. Mrs Towner has her egg up in her window already.

The Reception Team

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