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Easter Holidays

Topic Project

Firstly, we would like to wish you all the best wishes and hope everyone is safe and healthy. We are really missing you all and hope that you are still enjoying learning at home. Although a strange, worrying time we would like to still treat these next two weeks as an Easter break of sorts. Therefore, we are only suggesting a topic-based project, similar to what would usually be set over a holiday. This topic project is based on your ‘Tomb Raiders’ topic in school.

1. We would like you to complete some research into Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. You could complete your own research if you like, and we have suggested a few websites that may be of use for this below. Or you could read through the PowerPoint that we have provided for some relevant information.

Suggested websites:

2. Following this, you should create a fact file on a God or Goddess of your choice, either using the outline provided, or using your own paper/books.

3. Lastly, you should then design your own Egyptian God or Goddess. The God could be completely original in terms of looks, clothing and purpose or it could take inspiration from the Gods from your research. You should draw this God and describe it, ensuring you have included the following:

  • The God’s name
  • A description or origin of the God
  • What powers or controls they have
  • What symbols they represent
  • What does the God help Ancient Egyptians to understand? E.g. natural occurrences such as thunder or rain

You could even write the God’s name in hieroglyphics! Again, you could use the same template used for the first fact file for this information or you could create a poster/design of your choice!

We hope you enjoy this project and have a restful, enjoyable couple of weeks, despite the peculiar circumstances we find ourselves in!

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Griffiths, Miss Blowers and Miss Woodroffe.

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