Want to know about the Eco Squad?

Eco Squad

The Eco Squad are a group of students who support the school to be  environmentally friendly. They consist of a team who collect the school’s paper recycling on a daily basis and another team who inspect the school grounds and collect any litter.

As the school’s garden area is developed there will also be a team who support in the composting of materials for the outside area. We also have a team of students who monitor the school’s electricity use, supporting us in reducing the amount of energy that we use.

Our Eco Squad Members

Through a democratic process, the children were elected by their peers to represent each class from Years 2 to 6.

2ADSophie H.
2ASAyla B.
3DWJames D.
3HGJacob W.
3RMEthan V-W.
4ATImmi W.
4MWIsabel B.
4PPRuby P.
5HABMatthan F.
5JTTayla R.
5RBSkye H.
6BBMilly M.
6GMRobert Pe.
6KPLuke M.

Meeting Minutes