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Fiction Express

Have you been reading any interesting books on Fiction Express? Have you taken a quiz, voted or commented on the book forum?

Remember, Fiction Express has some great books that cover a range of themes from adventure, to humour and fairy tale to mystery. If you haven’t already logged on, have a go and you never know what you will discover!!

A huge well done to the following children that have all read a book or several books on Fiction Express.

4MW – Amina, Braylon, Kayla, George, Tayla D

4KP – Adam, Laura, Laila, Lola, Safeenah, Trinity,Lexi T and Freddy (6 books!)

4PP – Ava, Max, Lola, Erin, Varsha, Scarlett, Jai and Maani (lots and lots of books!)

Your teacher’s would also like to recommend some books…

You can find all the book by selecting the ‘books’ tab on the side of the screen, clicking ‘authors’ and scrolling down to the relevant author where you will find a collection of their stories.

Miss Perrett recommends The Last Days of Pompeii by David Macphail

An exciting and thrilling read with Mount Vesuvius at the heart of the action. It’s a race against time to save the city of Pompeii for Marcus and his father Felix, but will they succeed? A fantastic read which will compliment the work you have done on the Romans nicely. If volcanoes interest you, may be you could do some research and create a fact file about Mount Vesuvius or even make your own scientific erupting volcano using baking soda and vinegar! Enjoy the book!

Mr Perkins recommends Frankie Stein’s Monster by Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler

I know that we are all unable to go on holiday at the moment but in this humorous story, Frankie and her family go on holiday to somewhere very strange! Frankie Stein’s parents are scared of everything. So when the family end up going on holiday to a creepy old house, Frankie’s parents are desperate to go home. But Frankie is brave and she is determined to stay at the house, and keep the monster that lurks there a secret from her petrified parents. Give this book a go, are you as brave and confident as Frankie is? Perhaps you could design your own holiday house? What might be there? What will happen?

For something a little more different Mrs McManus recommends Drama club by Marie-Louise Jensen

This book explores friendship, teamwork and personal skills of confidence and compromise. A group of friends are involved in their local youth drama club at a small city theatre. When their leader, the charismatic Mr Beaven, announces he wants to put on a major new play at the end of the summer holidays, the cast is very excited. Amidst rivalry, hopes and disappointments, will there be more drama on or off the stage? And who will get the leading roles? Once you have read this perhaps you could create your own play or do a performance of something and email it in to us.

Mrs Walton would like to recommend the live book The Last Guardian by Damian Harvey. The first chapter will be released on the 24th April and then a new chapter each week.

I will be honest, I don’t normally like fantasy stories however, I read the first book in the series Stormwolf (also available on Fiction Express) and I was hooked. This time we return to the world of Winter Lockwood and the Realms of Mortals and Magic. Winter has woken from a long and healing magical sleep to find that her parents have been taken prisoner and the safety of the Realm of Mortals is in danger. With her parents gone, Winter is the last Stormwolf – Guardian of the Gateway between the two realms. She must rescue her parents and stop the evil Dark Horde from destroying everything she holds dear. But is Winter ready for such a fight? Will you join me in reading this amazing adventure? I’ll be reading each week and voting about what happens next. Enjoy!

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