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Fiction Express and TT Rockstars

FICTION EXPRESS: New books have been released today. You can choose from three different books. Choose from ‘Mayflower Stowaways’, ‘Pandora’s Box’ or ‘The Mystery of Roanoke’. Read the first chapter, answer the quiz and then vote for what you want to happen next. (Please email your teacher if you are unable to access). Please let us know your thoughts so we can add them to the blog too…
Well Done to Bright and Ana for all of the reading you have been doing on Fiction Express too 🙂

TT Rockstars: While we are not holding a weekly ‘Teachers v Pupils’ we are still answering ‘Rock Slams’. Well Done to Daniel B who beat Mr Scott by one!!
Part of the Maths lessons next week will also focus on TT Rockstars. Can you improve your Rock Status? Can you beat your teacher?

TOP 3 Players (Most Time Played) on TT Rockstars this week…
5AS: Brooke, Abriel, Antony
5JT: Maya, Thomas, Arjun
5RB: Ruby A, Bright, Lilly

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