Fiction Express

New chapters have been released today (Friday 3rd April) on Fiction Express.
The final chapter is now available to read for ‘Takeover’, ‘Ghostwriter’ and ‘The Cape of Bad Hope’. Did you vote for what should happen at the end of chapter 4?
Now read the final chapter and complete the quiz.
You can also interact with the author in the book forum.

Some children have also been reading different books that are on Fiction Express.
Chantelle has read ‘Spycase’, ‘Spychaser’ and ‘Mystery Box’
Jacob M has read ‘Pants on Fire’ and ‘Cool like Zelda’
Luke has read ‘Banana Boy Slides Again’
Lexi C-W has read ‘Stormwolf’
Ana – who has been a star – has read ‘Takeover’, ‘Being Super’, ‘Pants on Fire’, ‘The Golden Amulet’, ‘Gran is a Werewolf’, ‘Banana Boy’ and ‘Zero to Hero’
What did you think about these books?
Write a book review and email it in – we can add it to the blog!