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Home Learning 29.6.20

Hello everyone!!!!
How are you all? Can you believe that we only have three weeks left at home school!! It has gone so quickly but also feels so long since we saw you all.

Keep up all the hard work,

Mrs Walton, Mrs McManus, Miss Perrett and Mr Perkins


Week beginning 29.6.20

Monday 9-9.30, Tuesday 9-9.30, Wednesday 10-12, Thursday 10-12 and Friday 10-12.

In this pack your child will have everything they need to continue their learning at home. Attached is the following:

  • English powerpoint covering 5 lessons/days with links to the lessons on Oak National Academy.
  • Maths powerpoint covering 5 lessons/days and answers.
  • Guided reading powerpoint with 5 lessons/days
  • Afternoon lessons – project with lots of different ideas
  • Spellings for this week with practise activities

Some sheets/resources are uploaded as separate documents. These can be printed but do not need to be, as all tasks can be completed in exercise books. Please also continue to access the websites given in the first post to supplement your child’s home learning and check the blog regularly for updates.

Don’t forget to continue to email us with examples of your child’s work each week, we really love hearing from them! ?



Guided Reading


Afternoon Lessons

This week we would like you to do some fun activities linked to the Olympics. You can choose which ones you want to do. There is also a fun at home PE activity to take part in called Rainbow Games. We can’t wait to see some of you wonderful creations, so don’t forget to email us with your photos.

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