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Home Learning Summer Week 4 18.05.2020

Good day Year 6! We hope that you are all safe and have had quite a productive week. It was lovely to see some of you on Microsoft Teams during the week and we were so impressed with how you are dealing with these uncertain times with such maturity. We were also impressed by the PowerPoint quiz that Connor had emailed to us and also the Scratch Projects by Max H and Sophie – you were certainly showing your creative sides. If you have still not received your personal login details to access Microsoft Teams or you are having problems logging in, please email us. We would be more than happy to help. Below, you will see the various tasks set for your Home Learning, for this week. We would love to see more examples of the work you have been doing at home. Remember, Microsoft Teams meetings will be running from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm. We look forward to seeing you there. Keep safe 🙂 x

Mrs Auton- Budds

Mr Mahal


For English this week, we would like you to continue with the online lessons from the Oak National Academy. Last week’s lessons focused on writing instructions. We would like to read some of your written instructions. This week’s focus is on descriptive writing of settings.

MondaySetting Description – Reading FocusClick Here
TuesdaySetting Description – Reading FocusClick Here
WednesdayIdentify the features of descriptive WritingClick Here
ThursdayBegin to use examples of figurative languageClick Here
FridayWrite a descriptive settingClick Here


Focus for grammar this week is on Vocabulary and Standard English. Download the booklet and answer the questions (in your exercise book). Remember you do not need to complete every section.

Vocabulary & Standard English
Question BookletClick Here
Answer BookletClick Here


The London Eye Mystery

For some guided reading activities, click on the link below to access the BBC Bitesize website. The text is The London Eye Mystery by the author Siobhan Dowd. Listen to the extracts, followed by some of the activities that you can do throughout the week. Let us know what you think about the book. The extracts in this lesson will help you consider and explain why the writer chooses specific language.

Fiction Express

During the Microsoft Teams chat, it was wonderful to see that a group of you are accessing this website. You are all reading different books from a range of genres although the book Mystery At Moon Base One by Alex Wolf, appears to be quite popular. Remember to email your book reviews and opinions on the books that you read 🙂 Great to see quizzes have been completed.

As well as the reading focus from the Oak National Academy lessons and BBC Bitesize, there are also some reading comprehension tasks that you could also do. Below you will find a text on the poet Benjamin Zephaniah. Decide whether you would like to do Clouds, Moons or Stars. Read the text and then answer the questions in your exercise book. Answers have been provided so that you can check. Remember to read the questions carefully.



For spellings this week, read through each sentence and identify the word which has been spelt incorrectly and then correct it. Afterwards, look through the answer sheet and check to see if you have identified all the misspelt words correctly. If you are looking for a further challenge then have a go on the Spelling Crossword. There is also a wordsearch too.

Identify Misspelt Words Task
Spelling QuestionsClick Here
Spelling AnswersClick Here
Spelling Crossword Challenge
Crossword CluesClick Here
Crossword AnswersClick Here
Spelling Wordsearch Challenge
Wordsearch ChallengeClick Here
Wordsearch AnswersClick Here


BBC Bitesize

It was great to hear your responses on the BBC Bitesize website and that you enjoyed the online activities. This week, you will continue your Maths learning with BBC Bitesize. The focus will be on long multiplication, factors and primes, solving problems and the order of operations – BIDMAS

MondayMulti Step + and – Problems Click Here
TuesdayShort and Long MultiplicationClick Here
WednesdayCommon Factors, Multiples and PrimesClick Here
ThursdayOrder of OperationsClick Here
FridayMaths Challenges 2Click Here

Creative Curriculum

POWer Projects

For this week, we would like you to continue on the POWer Projects based on the Vikings. You can either complete your first chosen project or if that has been completed, choose another one. Please email some photographs of your chosen project – we would very much like to see these.


Sustainability & Plastics

In this lesson, your focus will be to understand what is meant by the term recycling and the impact that plastics are having on the environment. It will also look at the issue of sustainability. Find out more by clicking on the link below.


Pulse & Rhythm

As keen musicians, the purpose of the lesson is to build you understanding on the terms pulse and rhythm. In the lesson, you will sing and clap to the pulse and rhythm of a variety of different musical examples. Click on the link below, to access the lesson.


Function of the Eye

As Scientists, your task for this week is to gain a better understanding of the function of the eye. First of all, watch the video on the BBC Bitesize website, followed by the PowerPoint. Following that, we would like you to then label the parts of the eye. There is pdf document for you to either print our or to draw in to your book as well as an answer pdf.


Say Date In Spanish

In this lesson, you will recap your knowledge from last week and build on your knowledge by learning the days of the week. You can then use this, as well as your previous knowledge of months and numbers, to say the date in Spanish! For this lesson you will need some paper and a pen or pencil to write down your new vocabulary.

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