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Microsoft Teams

Next week, we are launching Microsoft Teams as away of keep in touching with each other. You will receive a phone call from you class teacher to explain how to access this and to be given your school email address and password. The aim of this is to allow the children to ask any questions regarding the work set on the blog. We will let you know when it is up and running.

Important Information

To access Microsoft Teams you will need to login to  using your child’s school email address.

Type in the password (this will be a generic one but you will be able to change it when they first login. Please record the new password in case your child forgets it.)

– Please explain to your child that they will only be able to send emails to the class email address and not to each other.

Your child will be able to communicate with each other through the Year 4 team using messages. This may be with their class teacher or another teacher  from their year group. 

-A teacher from their year group will be available from Monday to Friday between 10-12pm only. After 12pm the chat function will be closed but they still can still email class teacher if needed.

-Please note that once your child is in the chat room, pupil’s name and the messages that they send will be visible to all the members of the group that they are in. 

-When using the chat feature, there is an expectation that they follow the safety online rules and behave appropriately and will not be able to create their own groups. Inappropriate use/language/behaviour means that they can be banned form using chat for a week.  Also not a place for parents to discuss issues, etc – child use only.

General information

  1. One of the Year 4 teachers will be available on Microsoft Teams everyday from 10am until 12pm.
  2. Where possible, please post questions in line with the following time slots:                Maths – 10.00-10.45     English – 10.45-11.30       All other subjects –  11.30-12.00
  3. Post questions in the correct channel. These can be seen on the left hand side (e.g if you have a Maths question, post in the maths channel…)
  4. We will try our best to support any queries raised. If possible, please try to reply to any teacher responses (the reply button can be found below the posted comments). This will make it easier for staff to track any comments.

User guidelines

  1. This platform is designed for users to raise questions to the Year 4 teachers regarding any of the home learning powerpoints.
  2. It is not a place for you to chat and reply to other users (although we would like you to say hello!)
  3. Please remember to be sensible at all times.
  4. All comments posted are monitored and logged.  
  5. Please remember that any comments or questions you raise can be viewed by anyone else in the year group. Therefore, please do not request usernames and passwords on here. Instead, email your class teacher directly.

Posting questions

  1. Select the subject from the channels shown on the left side of the page.
  2. Type in the box at the bottom of the page to add comments (highlighted yellow in the image).
  3. Click the icon on the right (shown in blue) to post a comment. 
  4. You can edit any comments afterwards by moving the cursor over your comment. Then, click on the   …    icon, followed by the “edit” button.    

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