Microsoft Teams

We thought we would update you with some changes. This week, we are going to be moving forward using Microsoft Teams, which is a website/app that allows instant messaging. This can be accessed via computer, tablet or mobile. The purpose of this is so that your child can communicate with their teachers and discuss the work they have been set. They may wish to ask questions if they’re stuck or seek further guidance with the set task.

Your child will be able to access a private chat facility which will allow them to send messages to the class email address, accessed by their class teacher or another teacher from Year 3. It will not be possible for your child to chat to other members of their class, as it is a facility to support their learning. Once the children are using the chat feature, there is an expectation that they follow the online safety rules and behave appropriately and will not be able to create their own groups. Inappropriate use/language/behaviour means that they can be muted on the chat for a week. This will ensure that this chat is used for the intended purpose, to support your child in their home learning.

We would really like this to be accessed by our Year 3 children only, not parents, so if parents have a question about the work, please continue to use our class email addresses to contact us.

Your child’s teacher will be online 10am-12pm Monday-Friday. After 12pm the chat feature will be closed, but they can still email their teacher as before as we will still be used these email accounts to respond to your child’s work.

The link to access is . Once you are on this website, follow the link to Microsoft Teams. Your teacher will be contacting you via phone to give you your child’s username and password.

Speak soon,

Year 3 x