Microsoft Teams

Over the last few days, it has been great to speak to so many over the phone. However what we have realised is that not all of you have been able to access ‘Teams’ to keep in touch with your teachers and friends from year five. Below is a reminder about how to access it. Remember it is open every weekday from 10-12 so please log in to say ‘Hello’
Please also send us emails to show us your work. Each week we would like to create a showcase on the blog of a selection of activities and work that you have completed through the week…

You will need to go to and use the email address and password that you have been given. (If you do not have this please ask an adult to email your class teacher.)
When you sign in for the first time you will be asked to change your password. Make this unique and something that you will be able to remember. (Note: Always keeps your passwords secret.)
Once you have signed in you will should see a welcome sign. You will now be able to send an email to your class teacher using one of the email addresses below. The settings on your account means that you can only send emails to your teachers and only receive emails from your teachers.
You will also be able to access a wide range of on-line applications, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. These may help you to complete future work.
You will also be able to see a symbol that says ‘Teams’. This is the application that we can use to help to keep in touch. You can log in and post messages to the groups / channels / teams that you have been assigned to.

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