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Monday 6th May Roman Shield Project

Good morning Year 4,
Today you will be working at home on a special art and design technology project.  You were given some information about this last week, along with any sheets that you might need. Please read through the PowerPoint and complete the tasks that are on it.

Task 1

Search the internet and books to view Roman Shield designs. Find out as much information as you can about their shape, size, materials used and why they were used.

Here are a few websites that might help:

Task 2

On the sheet draw a design for the Roman shield you would like to make. Ensure your design is creative and individual.

Your design should be bright and colourful. Think about shapes and pattern. (Shields often include wings, eagles and bolts of lightning).

Think about what you will decorate your shield with. Could you use any of the following;

– Paint

– Paint and then sponge painting/printing on top

– Create and use a stencil

– Collage – with layers of paper

– Coloured pens/pencils

Task 3

Now it’s time to make your 3D shield! Try to use strong material such as card to protect yourself against those crazy Celts.

Follow the link below for some ideas on how to make the shield and there is even a really helpful video.

Ideas | How to Make a Roman Shield (

We look forward to seeing your wonderful shields in school ready for our Roman Day on Monday 10th May.

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