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Nursery Induction and Start dates

Nursery children will receive a door step visit by a member of Nursery staff in the week beginning 2nd September. Dates and Times have previously been shared with you.

Induction sessions will begin on Tuesday 8th September. The children will either be visiting Tuesday and Thursday 8.30- 10.30 or 1.30 – 3.30 or Wednesday and Friday 8.30-10.30 or 1.30 – 3.30. All times can be confirmed during your doorstep visits.

After their Induction period the children will be returning on Monday September 14th. There will be a staggered entry in 10-minute intervals. Your child will enter via the Nursery gate at 8.30 am, they will need to queue at 1m distance and will be met by Mrs Jones who will escort them to their new classroom. Unfortunately, the guidelines state that parents are still not allowed onto school site and if you are bringing your child to school, will need to say goodbye at the school entrance and leave them in the capable hands of the school staff. For safety can I please request that you do not gather at the school gate to hold discussions with other parents. (I do know this is tempting when you have not seen some of your friends for long periods of time but the safety of the children and staff is paramount) At the end of day your child will exit from the Nursery gate by the school office at 11.30am. This arrangement will apply every day until further notice.  

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