We use a payment system called Pay 360 Education Payments for all payments to school. Once children start at Coundon Primary School parents will be sent an activation code in order to open an on-line account to make these secure payments for dinners, trips and activities.

Sims Parent App and Pay360 Registration

Here are some answers to the FAQs about the two systems:

Which system do I need to use?

There are two separate systems.

Pay360 for paying for school meals etc: www.pay360educationpayments.com and

Sims Parent for data collection/school information: www.sims-parent.co.uk

They share the same login information but otherwise do separate tasks.

How do I get in?

To first access the site you will need an invitation code from the school. Once you have accepted the invite then you can do direct to the web address above and sign in using the account you selected.

What if I forget my login?

If you chose to login with a Microsoft, Google or social account you will need to use that account to sign in again. If you created a SIMS ID please contact the office to request a new invitation code in order to sign up with a different login as the SIMS ID has been retired.

I have a Pay360 account but didn’t get an invite to Sims Parent?

If you are registered for Pay360 you will not need an invite to Sims Parent. Go to www.sims-parent.co.uk and use the same login as for Pay360.

Here are the links to the quick guide to show you what the website / app looks like: Data Collection Sheet guide

If you are having issues signing up here is some extra guidance depending on which stage is causing you problems: Troubleshooting guide

Please see our Charging and Remission Policy. See below.