Playground Pals

Everyone has the right to feel safe in the playground and the main aim of our Playground Pals initiative is to encourage a healthier and more active playtime; one that is harmonious and reduces the potential for minor dispute.

The Playground Pals are an important part of school life. Children volunteer to be a Playground Pal and make the commitment to help encourage happy and sociable playtimes. They will be a point of contact for children during breaks to help encourage games and sort out any minor concerns. They do not replace the role of the teacher in sorting out problems, but are a support to the children and staff on duty.

The role of a Playground Pal is more complex than might be at first recognised. It requires pupils to step outside themselves and play a role, while still remaining friendly and accessible to other children.

All Playground Pals receive training with Mr Scott and have regular meetings to reflect on their role. They wear a distinct yellow tabard so that they can be seen easily on the playground.