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School Closure

We have put together a range of activities for you to support your children at home. There is a range of online and offline activities, as well as topics for discussion. We will update the blog with new learning. Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time and we hope you will find these resources useful. We hope to see you soon.

Love from

 The Nursery Team 

Job Number One 

Create a rainbow picture to display in your window so that children can go rainbow spotting whilst out for walks. 

100 Things To Do Indoors

See below for 100 ideas you can do indoors. Look through the range of activities and then mark off the ones that you complete.


Watch an episode of Number Blocks on BBC iplayer or You Tube and then draw all of the Number blocks that you saw.

View on YouTube or BBC iPlayer


Think of a phoneme (any letter of the alphabet) and find as many items in your house beginning with this phoneme. Eg: S might be spoon, sofa, sandwich, soap. 

Then make a list of all of the items you found. Repeat this two more times using a different phoneme each time.

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