Home Learning

Home Learning – Week 3 (WB 6.20.2020)

Dear Year 6, we hope that you are all doing well during these challenging times. As part of the Year 6 family, we are all missing you but are also aware that being at home is the most safest place to be at the moment. Remember to follow some of the tweets on the school’s website such as how to keep active and keeping safe online. If you have completed the revision guide booklets, below are some activities that you could complete Use the exercise books that you were all given to record any written work. Kind regards, Year 6 Team 🙂


If you have completed all the pages from the CGP Maths revision guides, please go to the White Rose Maths website (click on link below) . The focus of the week will be on angles. Remember to record the answers in your exercise books.

DayKey Skill
MondayVertically opposite angles
TuesdayAngles in a triangle
WednesdayAngles in a triangle – Part 2
ThursdayAngles in a triangle – Missing angles
FridayAngles in special Quadrilaterals


Watch the clip below of Mega City (taken from the Literacy Shed). After you have watched the clip, choose some of the following:

  • Retell the story in your own words as a 3rd person narrative. 
  • Retell the story in the 1st person either as Jack or his dog.
  • Describe the city and the countryside using specific language to create a mood/atmosphere. 
  • Write a dual narrative both through  the eyes of Jack and his dog. 
  • Write dialogue between the pair and focus on the differences between speech and thought.
  • Create an advert for your own pet food using a range of persuasive devices.


Focus for grammar this week is on Word Classes and Grammatical Terms. This will cover areas such as adjectives, pronouns, determiners, etc. Download the booklet and answer the questions (in your exercise book). Remember you do not need to complete every section.

Grammatical Terms & Word Classes
Question BookletClick Here
Answer BookletClick Here


For spellings this week, read through each sentence and identify the word which has been spelt incorrectly and then correct it. Afterwards, look through the answer sheet and check to see if you have identified all the misspelt words correctly.

Identify Misspelt Words Task
Spellings QuestionsClick Here
Spelling Answer SheetClick Here