School Packs During School Closures

We understand that now the government have taken the step to close schools this will be inconvenient and possibly a bit overwhelming. It certainly wasn’t in our plans.  We have developed a pack for ideas and activities over this time.

Tip 1: You don’t have to recreate school in your house. Desks and tables are not mandatory. In fact sitting on a couch (even upside down) or in bed can make it more comfortable.

Tip 2: Read every day. Read to your child / children. Listen to them read. Read comics, read picture books, read on-line, read books that you loved when you were a child. And if you need some chill out time, find an audiobook.
(Check out this website for more reading tips )

Tip 3: Play. Play board games and card games. Play charades. Play Pictionary. Have lego competitions – but try and stay away from the consoles!

Tip 4: Write letters and diary entries documenting your days. Keep them! It will be interesting to look back at these and remember the time they were stuck at home!

Tip 5: Enjoy a slow rhythm together at home…no early morning rushing to get to school on time.

Tip 6: Be creative. Do the things you don’t normally have time for. Build a fort. Design a robot. Bake cakes. Paint.

Tip 7: Make a record of what you have done with the day – take photos and email them to school. (Look out for updates on our Twitter feed to see if your photo makes it onto our twitter feed)

Tip 8: Get physical and get active. You may be in the house but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise.
Useful links:        Youtube – Cosmic Kids Yoga, Joe Wicks kids workouts, Go Noodle, Just dance

                                Twitter – Follow CapnPetesPE

We look forward to when school is open again and the children can share all the activities that they have been doing.

Please keep following our twitter feed for any further details or ideas over this period.


Complete your POWer Projects
See the Project sheets for more information

Complete your ‘Dennis to the Rescue: Recycling at Home’ Booklet

Complete Disaster Maths Quests

Work through rest of the revision guides, focusing on areas you know you need to work on.
Estimate the area and perimeter of different rooms in your home. How can you find out if you are correct? Draw scale diagrams for each room with labels.

Work through rest of the revision guides, focusing on areas you know you need to work on.

Design yourself a superhero and create a comic strip of their adventures. What makes the superhero unique? What superpower do they have? What adventure will they get up to? Be as imaginative as you wish.
Write book recommendations and reviews for the books you have read over the period. Create some art work related to the book to go on display when we start back at school.

Create your very own Thesaurus by identifying any ‘amazing’ vocabulary in the books that you read, record the definition of those words and challenge yourself in finding their synonyms.

For some free online grammar activities go on to:  – the website has a range of activities for you to try.

On-line Activities:

TT Rockstars – What level can you get to in ‘Garage’? Can you get faster in ‘Studio’? Aim to play at least 10 games a day. Send ‘Rock Slams’ to your teacher. Look out for when your teachers are playing a live Battle (Keep an eye on school website and year group area for more details)

Fiction Express – Use your new log ins and start reading. Mr Mahal recommends ‘Ghostwriter’ (new chapters published weekly with the option to vote to decide what happens next). Mrs A-B recommends ‘Mystery at Moon Base’ which is a complete book.

Home Learning Projects – Try to complete some of the 5/6 projects every week. Include links to various sites for various subject areas.

Testbase – Maths questions taken from lots of example tests – Look out for the URLs on your group pages for the questions. (The questions will also come with a tab for the mark scheme so you can check your child’s answers too)

Literacy Shed – Visit the ‘Literacy Shed’. Watch different short films to get some inspiration for your free writing. (Below each clip are some ideas for your writing). Mrs A-B recommends ‘Monkey Symphony’ and Mr Mahal recommends ‘Mega City’.

Maths Shed –  Choose the games you wish to play. Log into  and  type in your personal username and password.

Gordon’s Maths Games

Music Activities

Please check out the school website and the Year 6 Blog for further activities and information.