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Science, Creative Curriculum, PE, Spanish, PSHE

SCIENCE: This weeks work is all about growing up and growing old. It focuses on changes that happens to humans through their life. Follow the powerpoint to support your learning.

CREATIVE CURRICULUM: We continue our work on the Anglo Saxons. This week is all about life as an Anglo Saxon child. Use the powerpoint to support your learning to reflect on what life was like for an Anglo Saxon child and how that compares to today’s world. Which would you prefer and why?

PE: Use these three links to give you ideas for activities to complete at home. Try lots of different ones. Which is your favourite? Mr Tooby likes ‘Climb the Ladder’. Let us know by email or in Teams.–

SPANISH: Look at the below file. It has lots of links to a range of Spanish activities. How many can you complete? You may wish to complete some this week and complete others over the next couple of weeks.

PSHE: This week we have added a link to National Academy lesson. The lesson is about being a hero . We believe workers in the NHS are heroes. Could you help convince people to become a hero and join the NHS when they are older.

SIGN LANGUAGE: During the lockdown Mrs Bennett has been learning sign language. We have attached a document that can help you to start learning too. Practice some of the letters and words. Working with someone at home, try using them to send messages…

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