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Super work!

This week we have been blown away with some of the work that has been sent to us! We want to say a HUGE well done to all of these children, but also to everyone working from home. We are so very proud of you and miss you lots! Keep up the hard work Year 3 🙂 Remember to send your work into us via email, we love hearing from you!

We in Year 3 are SO proud of Isabel in 3DW. On Saturday 6th of June Isabel and her sister completed 50 circuits of an obstacle course to raise money for the NSPCC. They successfully raised £500 for the charity. It was arranged and built by their Nanny and Papa. WOW! Well done girls. What a fabulous thing to do to support such an important charity.

Kia-Rose has been really busy at home with a range of learning. Here you can see two posters that she has created, one containing lots of facts about the solar system and one explaining what she misses about school! We all miss you too Kia!

Aadit and Liam have created some superb Powerpoints this week to present their learning. This shows an excellent ability of using a computer and their in depth knowledge of their learning. Take a look at these Powerpoints on Egyptians, I am sure you will learn something new, I did!! Well done boys!

Simran has been busy this week working on her mystery story! This is just one page of three that she has sent in this week! Well done Simran, excellent work!

Bella has been working hard on her story and her maths! Take a look at her impressive work on fractions!

Sophie S has created a superb poster showing the process of fossilisation! What excellent knowledge Sophie!

Ruby P has written an excellent mystery story that I have loved reading each week. Here is just one section of her story! She also drew a superb drawing of Harry Potter for her Guided Reading work!

Mina has made a beautiful poster all about the three different types of rocks. Wow Mina, there is so much information here and amazing drawings too!

Sophie S has also completed her mystery story. We are so impressed with this that we have included the whole thing below. Please enjoy reading this as much as we have. Well done for all your hard work Sophie! 🙂

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