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WB: 28th September 2020

This week we have started to do some of our weekly learning. We have had lots of fun and have learned new sounds as well as exploring matching and sorting and have started to learn about the season of Autumn.

In Phonics we have learned the phonemes s, a, t and p. We have learned the letter name and the sound of the letter. We have identified items beginning with each letter and have formed each letter. Please practise writing these letters at home as you say the sound. You could write on paper, in paint, in flour, in shaving foam, in chalk inside or outside or any way you can think.

In Maths we have been matching items that are the same and have been sorting to different criteria such as colour, pattern or shape. Can you find different items at home that you can sort? Maybe you could go on an Autumn walk and collect some foliage – how can you sort them? Maybe colour of leaves, type of item etc.

From Next week all children will be coming home with a reading book on Monday. They are to keep this book at home and return to school on Friday so it can be quarantined over the weekend and a new book given the following week. Please go through the book several times and talk about what is happening. Model how to tell the story in a narrative if it is a picture book. There are lots of ideas at the front of the reading diary to help you. Please fill in the reading diary each time you hear your child read. They should read every day.

If you have any problems or would like to send a photo of any activities to your teacher please send to either:

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