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Week Beginning 11th July

As we are coming to the last full week of the academic year, the children will be assessed on their phonics progress and this will be used to group them for the September start. For the rest of the week, the children will be doing whole class phonics lessons, which will consist of reading, writing and phonics games. All reading records and any phonics materials need to be returned this week, so the staff can audit and sort resources over the holidays, for the next academic year. Online work will still be assigned to the children over the holidays, which will be a fantastic start for them when they return to school in September.

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In maths this week, we will be learning about maps and how we can instruct directions. The children will be creating their own maps based on stories, their route to school and a treasure map! At the end of the week, the children will be completing different maze activities and using their direction skills, that they have learned throughout the week. There will be no set maths homework over the holidays, however, implementing maths in your day-to-day activities can be a great way to enhance learning. Simply counting objects, using maths vocabulary or playing maths games, for their screen time, are great ways to do this, over the summer break.

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This week’s theme is all about transition. We will be reading ‘Jake’s First Day’ and discussing the emotions and feelings Jake has before he starts his new class. We will talk about how his feelings change throughout the story and that the worries he had before starting, turned out ok in the end. We will be sharing the children’s own worries and feelings about going up to year 1 and answering any questions they may have. The children will be painting self-portraits to coincide with our transition theme and we will discuss how they have changed since starting reception.

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As the weather is getting warmer and warmer, a reminder that children should be coming to school with a sun hat, full water bottle and sun cream applied. The children can bring in their sun cream, but will need to apply it themselves for the afternoon busy time.

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Have a fabulous week,

The reception team

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