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Week Beginning 11th October

This week, continuing our Autumn theme, we are introducing the story ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge’. We will be focusing on the different parts of the story, such as the blurb, title page, setting and characters. We will be delving deeper into the character’s thoughts and feelings throughout the week, by asking the children to fill in speech and thought bubbles of the characters. We will also be comparing our story with ‘Little Acorns’. We will be discussing how the stories are similar and different to each other.

Don't Hog the Hedge!

In phonics this week, we will be learning the sounds ‘o’, ‘c’, ‘k’, ‘u’ and ‘b’. We will be introducing the sound to the children, then we will be learning how to write them down. The children will also be practising writing the sounds they have already learned. We will also be asking the children to make simple words using the sounds they have learned, such as, ‘map’, ‘sad’, ‘mat’, ‘at’. Use the packs that have been sent home to recap the sounds to your children and ask them to create words using the letter cards.

Phonics Statement - Tudor Grange Primary Academy Perdiswell

In maths this week, we are introducing patterns. We will be learning about how we can make patterns in different ways. We will be creating patterns using the autumn objects we have found around the school grounds. We will also be creating a potato-printing pattern, using different colours. See if you can find objects around the home and make a pattern with them.

My Adventures In Positive Space: Potato Print Patterns

Please remember to send the children in with a waterproof coat, now the weather is getting cooler. Also, please check that coats, bags and uniforms are named clearly, as it makes it easier to find if anything may go missing.

Have a fab week everybody!

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