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Week Beginning 13th September 2021

This week we will be continuing to settle the children into the setting and will be reinforcing the rules. Now that all of the children are in, we need to learn how to use the environment with more people. The children’s independence will be encouraged and we ask that you support this at home by encouraging your child to try and dress them selves, put on their own shoes and socks, put on their own coat, eat with a knife and fork and use the toilet by themselves. This will help to make your child more confident in Reception as they will not be relying on an adult all of the time to assist them.

This week we are beginning to introduce the children to our Read, Write Inc phonics program. The children have been learning some signs and actions that will help them with their learning and are being introduced to how the lessons will begin to work. We will send out more information to you in the weeks to come which will explain to you how you can support your child at home with their phonics and reading. The children will not yet take home a reading book as they haven’t yet been taught the relevant phonics to enable them to blend sounds together to read. We ask that you continue to read books daily to your child to develop their love of stories. Don’t forget to talk about the story and the pictures and allow your child the opportunity to talk about what they are seeing and hearing.

In Maths this week we are singing different number songs and are playing a range of simple maths games so the staff can get to understand each child’s mathematical starting point. Singing number songs at home such as ‘5 little speckled frogs and 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive’ will help reinforce what we are doing in school. You could also play simple counting or matching games.

This week we will also begin the Governments national baseline assessment with all of the children. This will be done during the child’s day and will be some simple games and activities done on a 1:1 basis. The children will not know they are sitting an assessment so please don’t worry.

Thank you to those parents who have contributed to our weekly 50p fund. This enables us to enhance the curriculum by providing consumable resources that we would otherwise be unable to purchase throughout the year. Previously the money has been spent on a range of things such as food for tasting sessions, baking ingredients, enhancements to follow the children’s interests such as decorations and themed items, a weekly treat for the children, to help support parties and celebrations and many more things. All contributions are greatly received.

Now that the weather is beginning to change we ask that all children come to school in a waterproof coat every day. Can you also please name all of your children’s clothing and personal items as we already have some things that have not been named.

If you need to contact your child’s teacher for any reason then please email us on:

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