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Week Beginning 14th February

In phonics this week, the children will be assessed on the progress they have made and whether they will need to move into a different phonics group, after half term. Well done to all the children that have accessed their phonics materials online, it really does make a huge impact on their reading. As well as reading, keep practising letter formation and simple caption writing, at home. The children need to work on the use of finger spaces and presentation of their writing, so as much practise as possible, is fantastic!

Read Write Inc - High View Primary Learning Centre

In maths this week, we are introducing 9 and 10. The children will be learning to recognise different representations of 9 and 10 and what they notice when we place 9 and 10 counters on a tens frame. Are there any gaps? Is our tens frame full? What does that tell us? The children will then move on to learn about the way we can compose 9 and 10, using double sided counters. To extend their learning, they will try and write a number sentence to show how they have composed the numbers in different ways. We will also be learning how to order numbers 1-10 and then 10-1. The children will order numbers 1-10 with a partner. Their partner will jumble up some numbers when their partner isn’t looking – can they spot the mistake?

Ten Frames - Recipe for Teaching

In the wider curriculum this week, we will be reading the story ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’. The children will be discussing the structure of the story – what happens at the beginning/middle/end? Later in the week, the children will be designing their own underpants! But uh-oh! Some cheeky aliens will be coming to steal the children’s underpants, in replace of a letter. At the end of the week, we will write a letter back to the aliens, using the children’s ideas on what they would like to say to them.

Aliens Love Underpants | The List

Please remember to keep reading with your child at home and accessing the phonics materials online. When reading to your child at home, discuss the different characters, settings and events. Delve deeper into the story and broaden their understanding of different texts.

Have a fabulous week and well deserved half term break!

The reception team

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