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Week Beginning 14th June

In phonics this week, we will be focusing on recapping all of the digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words we have learned throughout the year. We will be participating in different activities, such as spot the digraph in the short story, I spy and unscramble the sentence. We will also be focusing on our writing and continuing to apply the skills we have learned to our sentences. We will be asking the children to write independent sentences this week, to assess where they are and what they will need to work on going forward into year one.

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In maths this week, we will be learning all about sharing different amounts. We will be using objects in the classroom and asking children to share them out equally with their partner. What happens when more children join the group? How many do each of you have? How could we share them out equally this time? Has the amount changed?

We will then move on to placing objects into a specific amount of containers. We will start by using 12 objects and sharing them between 3 pots. Then, we will discuss what happens if we share them between 4 pots and if there would be any left over if we kept adding more.

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In the wider curriculum this week, we will be moving on from the types of homes we live in, here in the UK, and we will be discussing the different homes other people might live in from around the world. We will be discussing how the types of homes people will build, will depend on the climate and culture of where they live. We will be looking at photos of different types of homes from around the world and asking children to share their views and knowledge on them. We will then move on to discuss the different environments animals live in and how this is also based around their climate and lifestyle.

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Can we remind any parents/caregivers that haven’t already done so, to hand in their consent forms for the Ash End Farm trip, and that the due date for payment is 2nd July. We would also like to remind everyone to go onto your Reading Wise log ins and read with your children as much as you can over the coming weeks.

We hope you all have a lovely week!

The Reception Team

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