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Week Beginning 22nd November

In phonics this week, the children will be recapping the single sounds that they have already learned and writing them down using the correct letter formation. Some of the children will be learning/recapping ‘special friends’ (two letters that represent one sound) . They will be using these ‘special friends’ in some words and Fred-talk. The children will also be using their word time to spell out letters, either by writing them down or using magnetic letters, depending on their phonics group. The children will be asked to use their ‘Fred fingers’ to count the sounds and then to pinch each sound (finger) to help them spell the word.

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In maths this week, we will be learning the different ways we can represent 4 and 5. We will be reading stories to the children about numbers in the environment, such as buttons and candles on a birthday cake. We will also be making links between numbers and shapes – a square has 4 sides, this is another way we can represent the number 4. The children will be using unifix cubes to create as many shapes as they can with 4 and 5 cubes. We will be discussing what they notice and any patterns they can find between the numbers.

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In the wider curriculum this week, we will be learning about the Christmas story and why many people celebrate Christmas, all over the world. We will be linking this to our Nativity play and how we are re-enacting the story of when Jesus was born. We will also be asking the children whether they would like to speak in the play and assigning roles and lines to the children. We will be rehearsing our Nativity script and songs throughout the week, so you may find the children singing along to the songs at home!

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A reminder, it is non-school uniform for the chocolate tombola on Thursday 25th November and teacher day on Friday 26th November, so the children will not be coming to school.

Farm trip Monday 29th November – children can come to school in their own clothes for the farm. We do ask that the children are wrapped up as warm as possible, as it can get very cold during the day. Children can wear wellies, however, the duration of the trip will be on hard ground and we are hoping to access the playground at some point during the day, so the children may find this difficult if wearing wellies. Thick socks and sensible walking shoes are more than sufficient for the trip. Any other questions regarding the trip, please ask a member of staff.

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Have a great week!

The Reception team

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