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Week Beginning 24th May

We would like to thank all the parents that handed in their ‘About My Family’ sheets, last week. It has been lovely to get to know all of the interesting facts about the children’s families and where they come from.

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In phonics this week, we will be recapping the sounds ai, ee, ie, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, air, ure and er. Similar to the previous weeks, we are focusing on independent sentence writing. We will be thinking of different words that have the sounds in them and choosing a word/words to use in a sentence. We will be stretching the children’s learning, by using different ways to start their sentences e.g. first, then, finally. In turn, this will support their use of narrative in their writing.

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In maths this week, we will be focusing on how we can use different shapes to make other shapes. We will start by looking at right-angled triangles and how we can create a square by putting two of them together. Then, we will be using small, square tiles to create long, thin rectangles, short, wide rectangles and larger squares. Finally, we will be looking at how we can create patterns using different shapes and we will be reading the story ‘Grandpa’s Quilt’ to support our learning.

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In the wider curriculum, we will be continuing our theme of ‘All About Me’. This week, we will be focusing on how we grow and change. Children will think about when they were babies and what they are like now. What is different? How have we changed? To support the children’s learning, we are asking parents to send in any baby photographs they have of the children, to help them recognise the changes that has happened to them. These will be well looked after and returned at the end of the week!

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We would like to wish everyone a lovely, relaxing half-term break, and look forward to seeing all the children back at school, refreshed, when we return!

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