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Week Beginning 28th June

In phonics this week, we will be focusing on reading and writing CVCC words (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant). We will be doing this by writing the first part of the word and then asking the children to finish it. For example, writing ‘ten’ and adding the ‘t’ to make ‘tent’. We will also be playing phonics games and using phoneme frames to support our learning.

Blending CVCC Words

In maths this week, we are learning how we can add different numbers together, in different ways, to get to a higher number. We will be reading ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’, ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ and ‘How Many Legs?’ this week, to support our learning. The children will be finding all the ways we can make 12, but using the animal’s legs to help them.

We will also be introducing measurement of length and weight, this week. The children will be creating their own bridges and investigating who has made the longest and strongest bridge. They will be using items around the classroom, such as, pencils and blocks, to measure this.

How Many Legs | Books for Kids Read Aloud - YouTube

In the wider curriculum, we will be introducing the season of summer. We will be asking the children what they know about the summer time? How is it different to the other seasons? We will also be singing our seasons song that the children love!

Pin by Simple Stories on Hello Summer | Summer clipart, Hello summer, Summer  words

Please remember to log in to your child’s Reading Wise account and read with them as much as you can! Even 10 minutes per day makes a huge difference to their reading progress.

Have a fabulous week!

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