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Week Beginning 3rd May 2021

We hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, even with the horrible weather. This week is a short 3 day week in school as we are closed on Thursday for polling day. This is a home learning day and the children will be set an art task to complete on the day. We will be making something from Junk materials so please keep hold of some of your recycling materials for Thursday. We will be asking the children to think about what they want to make and to create a design of what they what to make before they make it. The children will be expected to bring back their design and their model to show and use on Friday.

Phonics – this week in Phonics we will be recapping on the phonemes oa, oo and ar. The children will be writing words and trying to use the words in a sentence. We are having a big push on sentence writing over the next few weeks so will be trying to write sentences as much as we can. Any extra practise at home would be fabulous – don’t forget to email us a picture so we can see how hard your child is working.

Maths – This week we are looking back at shape and pattern. The children will be trying to identify the different shapes and patterns and will be creating some of their own. By being able to see patterns the children will then be better at problem solving. WE will be doing some extra problem solving activities this week as this is a key skill we need more practise on.

Reading – This week we will be reading different stories this week and will be focusing on the structure on the stories. We will be trying to fill out a story mountain which will help us when trying to plan our own stories. When reading books with your child, see if they can tell you the structure of the story using the story mountain headings as seen below.

Have a wonderful week and we can’t wait to see your wonderful creations and designs on Friday.

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