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Week Beginning 4th October 2021

This week we are beginning to talk about Autumn and are starting to recognise the changes that take place. We will be learning facts about Autumn and will be reading the story ‘Leaf Man’ to look at the changes. We will also go on an Autumn walk to collect some Autumn foliage so we can make our own leaf man and other pictures. Please collect leaves, conkers, acorns etc when out on your walks at home and bring them into school to add to our collection.

In Maths this week wee are finishing our work on sorting and are beginning to compare amounts, seeing if the total changes, which is more/ less and looking at comparisons of height. Can you make groups of different amounts? which group has more/ less? How about looking at your families heights, or your soft toys – can you compare their heights? can you put them in order?
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In Phonics this week we are learning the sounds n and p and are learning to build words with all of the letters we have learned so far. m, a, t, s, d, i, n and p. Can you write all of the letters remembering to start each letter at the top and not to take your pencil off the page until the letter is complete? Try and write some simple words using these letters e.g. mat, sit, tin, dam.

Remember to bring a waterproof coat each day as we spend a good portion of the day outside. Can parents please remember to lateral flow their child if displaying any symptoms so we can try and stop the spread of the virus.

A huge thank you to those parents that have been contributing to our weekly 50p fund. We will be looking to purchase some consumable resources to enhance the provision and also to support the curriculum with our upcoming festivals and celebrations.

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