Week commencing 29th June

We would like you to continue with the phonics scheme this week.

Miss Plimmer’s, Miss Warsop’s and Mrs Hollingsworth’s groups should carry on with the Reception learning for the week beginning 8th June.

Miss Jones’ and Mrs Johnson’s groups should continue with the Reception tab from the 4th May.

Mrs Towner’s group should follow the Year 1 tab for the 8th June.

We have attached the Oxford reading link below also to continue reading as much as possible.

This week’s maths is ‘Oliver’s vegetables’. This is a lovely book and focuses on quantities and more and less. It also lends itself well to recapping healthy eating and planting your own vegetables! We have attached the link for the story on Youtube below and some songs to help practice skills such as counting in 2’s.

This week’s wider curriculum focuses on Summer. Hopefully we will experience some hot weather again soon and need to ensure we are enjoying it safely. We would like you to look at the changes from spring to summer and also how to stay safe. We have attached a few different power points and activities below.

We have attached the Oak National Academy link below for any further lessons you may wish to access.

Keep up all your hard work and have a great week 🙂