What have your friends been up to

We have received some lovely emails from you over the past few weeks. It has been great to hear from you and see what you have been up to! We thought it would be nice to share some photographs with everyone, so take a look! Well done to everyone for your super home learning 🙂

Yasmine has been working really hard on her Science, creating a lovely diagram of the parts of a flower.

Nizar has been conducting some super science experiments.

Isabel has created a lovely, informative poster about Seed Dispersal.

Grace W has written a fantastic Egyptian Diary!

Billy has written a lovely Egyptain Diary too, 3 whole pages!

Libby has written a great opening to her mystery story.

Anestis wrote a fab paragraph creating suspense!

Reuben wrote a lovely opening to his mystery story.

Esme has produced a fantastic leaflet about the Solar System!

Simran has created a super poster about Seed Dispersal.

Alexis has been working hard on her great poster about Seed Dispersal and has been doing some very tricky maths.

Paige has written a very imaginative poem about Aliens.

Ethan has been practising his times tables on TT Rockstars.

Aadit has been working hard on his mystery story too!

Barnaby has written a lovely opening to his mystery story.

Layla has written a fab opening to her mystery story!

Keep sending your work in to your class emails as we love hearing from you and seeing all of your hard work!