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Year 5 Cultures Week – Poland

Paper Craft

Wycinanki – intricate paper cut-outs – have been a popular folk craft in Poland since the 1900s. The decorative designs are mainly associated with two regions, Łowicz and Kurpie. The Kurpie cut-outs are made with a single sheet of paper and are thus totally symmetrical and only one colour.


The first known Polish pisanki date back to the 10th century. The pre-Christian tradition of dying eggs (originally red, the colour of blood) was to symbolize rebirth and renewal. Then, young women would decorate eggs and give them to young men.

Polish Dancing

We also learnt some Polish dance moves while dancing to the Polish traditional folk dance: Krakowiak.

Polish Food Tasting

During cultures week, we also tried some Polish food. This included:

  • Krokiety kasztelanskie (Croquettes with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese)
  • Pierogi with strawberries (fruit dumplings)
  • Polish bread
  • Kopernik Pierniki (polish gingerbread)
  • Slomka Ptysiowa (choux pastry product with sugar)

The children enjoyed this and especially enjoyed the gingerbread and the choux pastry.

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