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Year 6 Home Learning 15.6.2020

Welcome to another week of learning Year 6! I hope you are all still well and looking forward to the week ahead. I know some of you will be going into school this week and I’m sure you are very excited about that. Just remember how important it is to follow the rules and keep everyone safe. For those of you like myself and Mr Mahal who are at home I hope you will continue to join us on Teams between 10 and 12 every day. We would also love to receive more examples of the brilliant work or hobbies you are doing at home – we do love to hear from you. Have a great week everyone!

Mrs Auton-Budds

Mr Mahal


In English this week you will focusing on the features you need to be able to create an information leaflet.

MondayInformation leaflet – Reading focusClick here
TuesdayInformation leaflet – Reading focusClick here
WednesdayIdentify features Click here
ThursdayFormalityClick here
FridayWriting an information leafletClick here


This week you have some revision activity mats to try covering grammar, spelling and punctuation. You do not need to complete them all unless you want to.

Activity mats
QuestionsClick here
AnswersClick here


A Pocketful of Stars by Aisha Bushby

Follow the link below to the BBC Bitesize Daily book club where professional wrestler Becky Lynch will read extracts from the book.

Fiction Express

Alex and her mum are spending the summer on the Greek island of Poros. Alex loves the island and has fun exploring it with her cousin Christos. She especially loves to snorkel. But when they discover and open an ancient wooden chest, they find themselves in a very different Poros from the one they know and love. Instantly transported back to the world of ancient Greece, Alex, Christos and their new friend Phoebe must do the bidding of the goddess Hera to contain the evil they have released…

As well as the Fiction Express and BBC Bitesize options above you could try the comprehension questions below. They use the text ‘Victorious Vikings’ so you may know some of the answers already! Choose the level you feel most comfortable with and remember to add detail to your answers using examples from the text.



Your spellings this week are to apply Year 5/6 spellings into sentences. Clouds places the correct word, moons involves unscrambling the words first and for stars you need to know the meanings to apply antonyms!



In maths this week you will be working with decimals in a variety of ways through the BBC Bitesize website then attempting the Maths Challenges at the end of the week. There is also a Mental Arithmetic for you to have a go out – try to beat your score from last week! Remember if you have any questions about the work you can always ask us on Teams.

MondayMultiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000Click here
TuesdayMultiply decimals by integersClick here
WednesdayDivide decimals by integersClick here
ThursdayConvert a decimal into a fraction and simplifyClick here
FridayWeek 6 – Challenges for Year 6Click here

Mental Arithmetic

Mental arithmetic Test 4

Creative Curriculum

We have a new set of Power Projects for you to attempt entitled ‘1066’ There are a variety of projects including model making, design, Top Trumps, game design and much more. You only need to do one per week and we’d love to see some photos of your efforts!


In this lesson you will revise knowledge on how plants reproduce using animations and videos


In this lesson, we will recap our previous learning, then we will be learning how to describe different types of weather in Spanish.


The circle challenge

How many circular objects can you think of? You will use your imagination and creativity to beat this challenge!


Learn about trade and economic activity including export and import, supply and demand.


Learn about composing music using found sounds and music technology. What weird sounds can you find to use?

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