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Year 6 Home Learning 22.06.2020

Dear Year 6, we hope that you have had a good week and an even better weekend. Myself and Mrs A-B have been really impressed to hear the positive feedback from the adults working in Year 6 about how you have settled back into school life. We are so proud of you but also miss not seeing you all. Why not send us an email to let us know how you are doing and how you felt the first week went. Remember to listen carefully to the adults and to keep yourself safe. Obviously for those still at home, we would love to see you on Teams between 10am to 12pm (Monday to Friday). If you have any questions or concerns, please remember to email. Also, we would like to see some of your POWer projects based on 1066 or anything exciting that you have been doing at home. Lets use this as a platform to share your AMAZING work. Have a great week everyone 🙂

Remember to keep those Sports challenging going

Mrs Auton-Budds

Mr Mahal

School Timetable

For those attending school during the week, please see the timetable below as a reminder. If you have been confirmed a place, the school will be open to the Year 6 pupils on Tuesday 23rd June, Wednesday 24th June and Thursday 25th June. Please see below what time you will need to be at the South Bank road entrance

Year 6 School Times
Red GroupBlue GroupYellow Group
Arrival and departure times


In English last week, the focus was on identifying the feature and then writing an information leaflet. The focus of this week will be to look more closely at how to write a character description, using evidence from the text. Lessons will be taken from the Oaks National Academy website.

MondayReading Focus: ComparisonClick Here
TuesdayReading Focus: PredictionClick Here
WednesdayIdentify features of a good character descriptionClick Here
ThursdayUsing colons and semi-colonsClick Here
FridayWrite a character descriptionClick Here
Writing focus for the week.


For Grammar this week, have a go at the various challenges. Read through each question and write the answers down in your book. You do not need to do every single challenge but remember to try your best.

Grammar Challenge


The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken

The story is set in early 19th-century England. A large number of wolves have migrated from Europe and Russia and are terrorising the people in rural England. Using extracts from the novel The Wolves of Willoughby Chase you will learn how to find information from a text and summarise a character. Click on the link below.

Fiction Express

James Dobie is a kid who enjoys the quiet life. He enjoys blogging about health and safety, and building models of famous ships. He often finds himself the target of the school bully and has few friends. But when James visits the funfair, he finds himself in the hall of mirrors and his life takes a very unexpected turn. Who is this cool alter ego he encounters, and what changes will be brought into James Dobie’s quiet existence? Login to Fiction Express to find out more…

As well as the reading focus from the Oak National Academy lessons and BBC Bitesize, there are also some reading comprehension tasks that you could also do. Below you will find a text on the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur. Decide whether you would like to do Clouds, Moons or Stars. Read the text and then answer the questions in your exercise book. Answers have been provided so that you can check. Remember to read the questions carefully.



For spellings this week, read through each sentence and identify the word which has been spelt incorrectly and then correct it. Afterwards, look through the answer sheet and check to see if you have identified all the misspelt words correctly. If you are looking for a further challenge then have a go on the Spelling Crossword.

Identify Misspelt Words Task
Spelling ErrorsClick Here
Spelling Errors AnswersClick Here


For Maths this week, the focus of your learning will be on the area of fractions, decimals and percentages. Click on the links which will take you to the BBC Bitesize lessons. Watch the videos and have a go at the questions. Remember to use the opportunity to discuss any questions on Microsoft Teams so we can go through it together.

MondayConvert fractions into percentagesClick Here
TuesdayEquivalent fractions, decimals and percentagesClick Here
WednesdayCompare fractions, decimals and percentagesClick Here
ThursdayFind percentages of amountsClick Here
FridayCalculating time in footballClick Here
Maths focus for the week

Mental Arithmetic

Below find the arithmetic questions and answers for Test 5. Have a go at the questions and identify the areas that you may need further practise on. Remember that you can always talk with us on Microsoft Teams regarding any of the questions or even email us. Remember to write your answers in your exercise book.

Mental Arithmetic Test 5

Creative Curriculum

POWer Projects

As part of your topic on the Vikings, we would like you to choose another project from the 1066 topics on offer. We really would love to see some examples of your work.


Juan Miro

For this week in Art, you will learn about automatic drawing and create your own abstract artwork. Click on the link below.


Online Safety

The internet is a great way to find out about information and ideas. But there are thousands of websites and it can be difficult to know what to trust. Learn the basics of how to know what information you can trust online. Click on the link below.

Design & Technology

Anthropometrics and Ergonomics

In Design and Technology this week, learn all about anthropometrics and ergonomics. Click on the link below to access the BBC Bitesize lesson.


The Alps

For Geography this week, learn all about the Alps including their weather, climate, animals and tourist industry. Have a go at producing an information brochure on the Alps and then email a copy to us. Click on the link below to access the lesson.


Life Cycles

Recap on your understanding of life cycles in humans and animals. Click on the BBC Bitesize link below and have a go at the quizzes as well as the activity sheet.


Towns & Cities

In this lesson you will recap on your previous learning, then learn how to say different places in a town or city.

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