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Year 6 Home Learning 29.6.20

Welcome back to another week Year 6. Whether you are at home or in school we hope you enjoyed the sun last week and had a lovely weekend. I’m sure those of you in school are settling into your little routines now, just remember to always follow the rules and stay safe. The teachers in school have been really impressed by you so well done. Has been lovely to chat in Teams and we are always there from 10-12 every weekday so please login and say hello or ask us any questions you have. We are always happy to upload examples of your good work so just email it through to us and we will share it on here, especially any Power Projects you have attempted.

Mrs Auton-Budds

Mr Mahal

School Timetable

The days in school this week will be Monday 29th June, Tuesday 30th June, Wednesday 1st July and Thursday 2nd July. All arrivals and departures must be through the Southbank entrance.

Year 6 School Times
Red GroupBlue GroupYellow Group


The English focus this week will follow on from your character work last week and progressing towards story writing. The lessons will be taken from the Oaks National Academy website. If you have any problems either email us or drop in on Teams to discuss.

MondayReading focus: ComparisonClick Here
TuesdayReading focus: PredictionClick Here
WednesdayIdentify the key featuresClick Here
ThursdayPlanning a storyClick Here
FridayWriting a storyClick Here


For Grammar this week you will be using your knowledge to identify the correct answers by ticking the relevant box. You don’t need to complete them all but just do your best.

Grammar challenge


The Parent Agency by David Baddiel

Barry Bennett hates being called ‘Barry’ and has made a list of ten other things he hates. Barry feels that his friends have better names, better clothes, better birthdays and definitely better parents. Barry wishes he had better parents and is transported to a world where children choose their own.

Listen/watch the author reading the extract then have a go at the activities.

Fiction Express

Would you like to spend your holiday on a crocodile farm with your worst enemy? Nonikiwe Mattita certainly wouldn’t. But when Mum goes away for work, Noni is sent far away to Cape Town. She will spend a week living with the crocodiles, and with Johan, whom she despises. And to make matters worse, there is tension at the farm. Noni soon finds herself involved in a deadly mystery. Will she – and Johan – survive to tell the tale?  

As well as the lessons above if you would like to freshen up your reading comprehension skills then try the work below based around Wimbledon. You choose whether you think you should do Clouds, Moons or Stars then either print them off or write the answers in your book.



For your spellings this week you will apply the Year 5/6 spellings into sentences. Clouds places the correct word, moons involves unscrambling the words first and for stars you need to know the meanings and apply your synonyms!



This week we are moving on from Fractions, decimals and percentages to a unit on Algebra. The links are to the BBC Bitesize lessons and remember if you need any help you can email us or drop in on Teams.

MondayFinding a rule with one or two stepsClick here
TuesdayForming expressionsClick here
WednesdaySubstitute into simple expressions and formulaeClick here
ThursdayForming and solving equationsClick here
FridayWeek 8 – Challenges for Year 6Click here

Mental arithmetic

Below is test paper 6. Have a go and just try your best!

Mental arithmetic test 6

Creative curriculum

Power projects

Choose another of the 1066 Power Projects to complete. Remember to send us examples so we can add it on to here as an example of excellent work!


Features of Sound

Sounds travel as invisible sound waves down our ear to our ear drum.

Once the sound waves hit our ear drum, the vibrations send a message to our brain which converts it into sound. Learn about different features of sound including pitch and volume.


Learn about sustainability, recycling and plastic pollution. Maybe you could even take part in the plastics challenge!


Henri Matisse and Collage

In this lesson you will learn about French artist Henri Matisse and create a collage inspired by his work.


In today’s lesson, we visit a key topic of Black Lives Matter given the recent case of George Floyd. The lesson is around creating hope for the future – a future that is not based on the colour of someone’s skin but the content of their character. 


Give an opinion about your town or city in Spanish.

This lesson will recap previous learning and help you to express opinions.

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