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Year 6 Home Learning 8.6.2020

Hello Year 6. We hope that you all have had a good weekend and looking forward to the week ahead? It was lovely to chat with some of you on Teams but we would certainly like to see more of you on there. Remember if you haven not got (or have forgotten) your email address or password, please email one of the Year 6 teachers and we will be more than happy to help get you online. Thank you for emailing some examples of your work that you have covered so far. We certainly look forward to seeing more of these. Remember to also continue with the CSW Virtual PE challenges and to submit your results. Below you will find activities for the week. Have a great week 🙂

Mrs Auton-Budds

Mr Mahal


In English last week, the focus was on identifying the feature and then writing a diary entry. The focus of this week will be to look more closely at how to write a letter of complaint.

DayCoverage Link
MondayLetter of complaint – Reading FocusClick Here
TuesdayLetter of complaint – Reading FocusClick Here
WednesdayIdentify the features from a letter of complaintClick Here
ThursdayUnderstanding clause structuresClick Here
FridayWrite a letter of complaintClick Here
English focus for the week.


Focus for grammar this week is on Sentences, Phrases and Clauses. Download the booklet and answer the questions (in your exercise book). Remember you do not need to complete every section.

Sentences, Phrases & Clauses
Question BookletClick Here
Answer BookletClick Here


Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

For some guided reading activities, click on the link below to access the BBC Bitesize website. The text is Percy Jackson and the Lighning Thief by the author Rick Riordan. Listen to the extracts, followed by some of the activities that you can do throughout the week. Let us know what you think about the book. The extracts in this book will help you learn about giving your opinion and summarising information.

Fiction Express

It is wonderful to see that you are still accessing the Fiction Express website and reading the range of books on offer as well as trying out the various quizzes. On Wednesday 10th June 2020, Fiction Express will release a new book title The Mystery of Roanoke by David MacPhail. Review the first chapter from the book and email us to know your opinion and predict what would happen next in Chapter Two.

As well as the reading focus from the Oak National Academy lessons and BBC Bitesize, there are also some reading comprehension tasks that you could also do. Below you will find a text on the Light Spectrum. Decide whether you would like to do Clouds, Moons or Stars. Read the text and then answer the questions in your exercise book. Answers have been provided so that you can check. Remember to read the questions carefully.

Guided Reading Tasks


For spellings this week, read through each sentence and identify the word which has been spelt incorrectly and then correct it. Afterwards, look through the answer sheet and check to see if you have identified all the misspelt words correctly. If you are looking for a further challenge then have a go on the Spelling Crossword.

Identify Misspelt Words Task
Spelling QuestionsClick Here
Spelling Answer SheetClick Here
Misspelt Words Challenge
Crossword Challenge
Crossword CluesClick Here
Crossword AnswersClick Here
Crossword Challenge


In Maths for this week, we would like you to continue to develop your understanding even further on fractions by accessing the BBC Bitesize website. This week, the focus will be on multiplying and dividing fractions. Try out the Maths Challenges at the end of the week.

DayCoverage Link
MondayMultiplying fractions and mixed numbers by integersClick Here
TuesdayMultiply fractions by fractionsClick Here
WednesdayDivide fractions by integersClick Here
ThursdayFractions of amounts applied in contextClick Here
FridayMaths Challenges for Year 6Click Here
Maths focus for the week

Mental Arithmetic

Below find the arithmetic questions and answers for Test 3. Have a go at the questions and identify the areas that you may need further practise on. Remember that you can always talk with us on Microsoft Teams regarding any of the questions or even email us. Remember to write your answers in your exercise book.

Mental Arithmetic Test 3
Arithmetic Test

Creative Curriculum

Alfred The Great

As keen Historians, we would like you to research for some information on Alfred the Great. Why was he so important in British history? What other information can you gather about him? Present your information as a fact file. If possible, draw some portraits of him. We look forward to seeing these.

Art & Design

Freehand Sketching and Perspective Drawing

This week, the focus will be on freehand sketching and looking at single or two point perspective drawing. We would love to see some of your art work. Visit the BBC Bitesize website for more information.



Further develop your understanding on Computer programming through block based coding by visiting the J2Code website. Try out their various learning platforms. We would love to see some of your completed projects


Fossil Fuel

Much of the world’s energy is produced by burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. These natural resources are formed from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago. They are used to power everything from planes to gas cookers. In this lesson, you will learn about fossil fuels and renewable energy.


Exploring Emotions

In this week’s lesson, you will be looking at how colours are used in music and how different pieces of music can make us feel different emotions.


Where you live

In this lesson, you will recap your previous learning in Spanish and then learn how to answer the question ¿Dónde vives? and saying where you live in Spanish. For this lesson you will need a pen and pencil and some paper, as well as another person or a cuddly toy to have a conversation with!

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