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Year 6 Home Learning Day 4

Home Learning Thursday 22nd October 2020

Good Day!

Good morning Year 6 and how are you all doing? First of all, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the children who have got in contact through either email or Teams.

As well as that, I have been impressed by some of the work that has been emailed to me. Thank you for your hard work, I know it is not easy to work from home. Thank you also to the parents who have got in contact as well. Remember if you have not yet emailed me, please do so before Friday Please see the timetable below for today’s learning.

Today’s Timetable

Thursday 22nd October 2020
MathsCommon factors
Guided ReadingWrite an email
EnglishDescribe a setting (Diary or Postcard)
PECatching and Joe Wick’s Exercise


Common Factors

Today’s lesson will focus on common factors. From yesterday’s lesson, you should now be able to identify the factors of a number. Today, you will learn how to identify common factors within a pair or set of numbers.

Below are the questions and answers. Please watch the video or view the Power Point if you are not sure. Any questions about common factors then please chat to me on Teams between 11 and 12pm.

Common Factors

Guided Reading


Jane feels guilty about working for another spy network without checking that Milo and Alicia can be trusted. Jane writes an email to be sent to her mother automatically if she goes
missing. Write Jane’s email. Write about the robot, the Technophobes and Alicia Forrest. See below.



In today’s lesson, you are going to use the words and phrases that you had generated yesterday to help write either a postcard or diary entry. The subject matter will be Greece. Your aim is to use as many different examples of figurative language.

Firstly, go through the slides and have a go at the grammar warm ups and then practise writing a range of sentences which include different types of figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification, etc). I have included a model and success criteria to help you. Remember that this lesson will be over two days so please do not rush.



Practice your aiming, throwing and catching using a tennis ball, bean bag, scrunched up piece of paper or a similar item! Can you catch with your right hand/ left hand?

Why not further challenge yourself and have a go at the Joe Wick’s Workout. See below for the 8 minute active challenge 🙂

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