Headteacher’s Award w/b 10.6.21

Congratulations to Hugo M in 2AS for his great work in Maths and English.

Congratulations to Penny G in 2AD for super work in phonics and great effort with weekly spelling and reading.

Head Teacher’s Award wb 24.5.21

Congratulations to Luca in 2AD for consistent hard work and enthusiasm in maths!

Congratulations to Ellayia for making a super start in 2AS. Keep it up!

Head Teacher’s Award wb 17.5.21

Kyran H in 2AS for being an excellent role model and always being kind to others.

Jimmy A 2AD for trying really hard to improve his handwriting. We are so proud of you!

Head Teacher’s Award w/b 8.3.21

Congratulations to Bharkavi in 2AD for her super robo-bug design.

Congratulations to Lewis in 2AS for super neat work and a super attitude to learning!

Head Teacher’s Award w/b 1.2.21

We are delighted to announce that Callum 2AS has received the HT award for his wonderful characterisation work in English. Finley 2AD received the HT award for his enthusiastic approach to home learning and for always doing his best.

Head Teacher’s Award W/b 25.1.21

Well done to Eva in 2AD for super work at school! You are always doing your best!

Well done to Rares in 2AS for really impressing us with your enthusiastic attitude to home learning! What a star!